Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Challenges

Simon needed a haircut. Daniel's birthday is next week and his party is on Saturday. Simon's haircut was overdue. Because Simon has an early dismissal on Mondays and people don't seem to get haircuts on that day, Mondays are the best day to do it. So, we went.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was the perfect day to go outside and play. But we had a job to do. We had to get a haircut. So, when Simon got home, we got into the car. We did our normal car seat dance. And we drove to the hair dresser that specialize in children's haircuts. And he was promised a trip to the playground when the haircut was over. I didn't hide what we were doing. He was OK with it. At that moment.


We walked into the store. He recognized it. He covered his ears, but didn't scream. He didn't even cry. He just walked over to the spot where they keep the books. He asked for Thomas. He found the book "Where The Wild Things Are" and looked at the pictures. All was well. We sat there and he "read" the book to me (each page, "Monsters"). I showed him a Thomas DVD and he smiled. I gave it to the woman who would be cutting his hair. She started it but Simon wasn't ready. We waited a little longer, then I started pushing the issue. I brought him over to the chair. I spun it around. That's when the screaming started.

He sat on the floor. I sat behind him. I put him in a hold. He had his hands over his ears, but allowed me to hold his arms near his side and keep his legs still. The haircut had begun. She worked with us sitting on the floor. Simon screamed. But he didn't try to kick. Then the screaming quickly dropped to a cry. Then, suddenly it stopped. His hands stayed over his ears, but he was all right. And, 5 minutes later, the haircut was all done.


After paying, I kept my promise and we went to a playground nearby and played for about 40 minutes before we had to leave and prepare to pick Daniel up from school. He had a BLAST! And he proved that he has become a Climbing Master!

So, this is twice where getting a haircut wasn't a total catastrophe. Does that mean that we're passed this? Who knows. But I'm finding great relief in just the thought....


  1. I hope so! Haircuts used to be a major issue for 'Bot, but he's outgrown it (he's nine). I don't know if that happens for all of our kiddos, but I hope it holds true for you!

  2. I have a 3 YO son on the spectrum and haircuts are ify. The 1st time we got his haircut, he was 19 months old and we got it done at a place much you described. He sat on our laps in the chair and squirmed watch Toopy and Binou. The second time, it was the but at a local family salon near our house. Now that he is 3 I don't know how to approach hair cuts. I now take him to a lady who I met at our playgroup who works out of her home. He sits on my lap, but gets really destracted and will want to play with her son's toys or her elliptical machine. I now wondering if I should be trying to get him to just sit on my lap until it's over. I've never forced it and our hair dresser happily follows him around and snips as he moves just like the one who did Simon's.

    Next on our to do list is to go to the dentist. No idea how that will go down.