Monday, April 18, 2011

They are still children

And they are still twins. As we were reading bedtime stories tonight, we saw the proof that they learn from each other. Yes, Rachel and Simon may be oblivious to the people in the world around them (at times). But they are also perceptive. And they, as we already knew, are very smart.

Tonight, one of the books I chose (and Kevin was reading) was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See". It's a definite favorite. All 3 kids love this book, Rachel and Simon in particular can't get enough of it. Both programs have used this book on multiple occasions to work on colors and animals, animal sounds -- it's a great book for learning.

Simon's sense of humor has him regularly say something that he knows is incorrect. He will insist on it and then, when he perceives you are going to give in, he announces "Silly Simon!". One such thing is during this book. Instead of a "Teacher", Simon has been saying "Monitor" (we don't know why -- at first we could have SWORN he was saying "Mother", but he has proven to us that he means "Monitor"). Tonight, Simon was willing to accept "Teacher". So, Rachel picked up the slack. From her mouth, she shouted "Monitor!"

We love seeing these moments. In addition to them showing their personalities, it reminds us that they are twins. That they learn from each other. That they rely on each other. And that's something that they will have forever. They know each other in ways that others can't even begin to imagine (unless they themselves are a multiple). Their relationship defies description. And we are privileged to see this nearly every day.


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  1. I loved reading this. So sweet. Thank you for sharing it. {{hug}}