Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just One

Today, another post I wrote has been "published" on the internet -- this time it was the submission I made to Parent Magazine's GoodyBlog. It is part of the series, "Voices of Autism". I also noticed that it's been "tweeted" and "re-tweeted". I am really just floating on air this week. This is the second web-based publication for me, not including this blog (and since this blog is under MY control, it barely counts on that score) in less than 5 days. I suppose you can say that I'm taking my role seriously when it comes to informing others about autism this month....

At the beginning of the month, I made a challenge to anyone who would listen -- try to get one person to "GET" it. One person to not glare at an autistic individual. One person not to accuse a struggling parent of "spoiling" their child and claiming that their children would never behave in such a fashion. One person to understand that autism is outside of control of those affected and their families. One person to not judge but offer help or even just simply walk away if they're not in a position to help. One person to not ask to change their seat in a restaurant because an autistic child has been seated nearby. One person to see that we are facing an epidemic and a challenge that we cannot be fully prepared for. One person....if we can all convince just one person....how much easier our lives could be.....

Hopefully, these efforts have allowed me to fulfill that challenge.

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