Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Please Vote for Me!!!!!

All right -- there is something really wrong with me. It's April 13 and this is my 6th post already this month. But there's a couple of good reasons for that. (1) It's "Autism Awareness Month" and this is the time to get the word out as best as possible and (2) I'm being web-published outside of this blog and wanting as many of you to enjoy these other writings (and continue stroking my ever-growing confidence).

Well, thanks to all of you (with a shout-out to one of my specific followers), I've been nominated for an Honorable Mention alongside the Top 25 Autism Blogs per The nomination came approximately 9 hours ago and I'm currently in the lead! This is doing wonders for my ego!!!!! This blog has undergone a couple of transformations since I started it. This brings it back to my original intent of using it to inform and support the growing population of families dealing with a child having an autism diagnosis. When I started it, I had a very difficult time finding writings that weren't of the "Dr. Wakefield is the Autism deity!" or "Vaccines are evil!" variety, both of which rubbed me the wrong way. I was angry, lost, confused, and terrified. I wanted to show a different viewpoint. I didn't know if anyone would ever read it, but I knew I was putting it out there.

Now people are noticing! And all I can say to that is "COOL!!!!!"!

So, now I ask you, please come and vote for my blog. Please click on this link and indicate that you "Like" My Family's Experience With Autism ( I would VERY much appreciate it!!!!

Thanks for your support!


  1. And it seems you can vote repeatedly for the same entry (my guess is it will allow you to vote once per 24 hours since other similar contests will allow for that). So, if your conscience will allow, feel free to keep heading back and voting again and again and again....

  2. Congrats. I have shared and liked your blog on my Autism Blogs Network facebook page :)

    Thanks for sharing your story and spreading Autism Awareness.