Friday, April 8, 2011

Tooting my own horn

I am still on a bit of an emotional high. As many of you may be aware, the April edition of Parents magazine did not contain any publicity about Autism and Autism Awareness Month. Many individuals in the autism community were outraged and began to bombard the magazine with letters and emails. They heard us. They are dedicating a portion of their "GoodyBlog" in a section called "Voices of Autism" to families stories about autism every day in April. I wish it was more, but at least there is now SOMETHING.

They asked families to provide the magazine with specific information. I saw this, thanks to another blog that I follow, and submitted my family's story. And, on Wednesday, I received an email from the magazine. They have decided to include my story. It will be "published" on Tuesday, April 12. From what I understand, they are still requesting stories from families. If you see this, please go to Parents Magazine's GoodyBlog and the specific information they request is listed and feel free to submit your story.

Also, last night, I received an email from the administrator of another blog I follow (Multiples and More). I wrote a guest post for them last year during Autism Awareness Month and I asked if they would be interested in me doing the same thing again this year. She thought that would be a good idea and I wrote a post. That is going to be published tomorrow (Saturday).

Can you see I'm excited? And can you blame me? This is how I spread the word. This is how I honor Autism Awareness Month. This is my contribution.


  1. that's terrific! So glad you sent your story in. Can't wait to read them both!

  2. Just read your post over at M&M and have added you to my blogroll. Always nice to meet another twin mama with autism in the house.
    It's so strange ow many of us with twins the same age are dealing with autism and makes me wonder if there are any studies being done to look into this.
    Well done bringing awareness!