Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Week!!!!!

This week has been, well, we'll just call it a week. A comedy of errors and flubs. A week of insanity. A week of changes. Like I said, we'll just call it "a week".

I'm still not sure what happened on Monday. I thought I was fully prepared. I had pulled everything together by Sunday evening. Yet, on Monday morning, it all fell apart when the word came down that Rachel didn't start school for another week. She was the first one scheduled to leave. When that didn't go as planned, it just set off a series of errors that just seemed to snowball all day long. I guess I should simply say that I can't handle being wrong-footed.

By Tuesday, things were a bit better. My self-pity had resolved and I kept my existing plans, with a few modifications. Taking Rachel for a coffee visit with a friend at Starbucks isn't exactly an easy thing to do. But, it worked and I was able to stay for a while. And I think she had fun too. And the rest of the week continued in much the same way. We took care of some things that need to be addressed. And we had some fun along the way. But we also had some disappointments.

The biggest disappointment is the delay of dance classes. We have been members at The Little Gym of Germantown ( for nearly 3 years, since I stopped working outside the home. Rachel and Simon started taking classes there about 2 years ago (we had to take last fall off because of our unpredictable schedule [among other reasons, autism being at the heart of it]). Ever since she started, she has wanted to be a part of any dance class she saw. She would run into the room and we would have to drag her out kicking and screaming. So, in the spring, when they told us she was ready for a non-parent assisted class, we figured that the time would be PERFECT to enroll her in dance. When the schedule came out for the fall, we were concerned. There was only one class that would work around her school schedule. But we signed her up for it. The first (and last) class was Thursday evening. Only 3 little girls were enrolled, and they need a minimum of 4. They knew there was no available dance class that would work for her, so we switched her back to gymnastics. And we'll try again for the winter/spring session (the classes are 20 weeks long).

Next week is a new week. After the 3-day weekend, the school year begins in earnest. Full days for both of the twins. Daniel is already into the swing of things in kindergarten. Things continue to change. Our children continue to grow. And we never know what tomorrow will bring. But it's always an interesting challenge.

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