Monday, September 6, 2010

About to try again....

.....well, tomorrow is Take 2 at the First Day of School. This time I'm CERTAIN that all 3 kids are supposed to be in school for the full day. I've checked. No excuses. Simon has his first "Full-Day", and Rachel has her TRUE first day. Daniel even has his first "homework assignment" due. No more dress rehearsals. It's really here.

One neat thing, and an added bonus of having Rachel start a week later than the other 2, is that Simon's bus driver/aide in the afternoon is the SAME PAIRING as for Rachel in the morning. So, on Friday, we had her get on the bus when Simon was dropped off to meet the two of them. This went well. Hopefully, this will help her tomorrow morning. Not that getting on the bus is a problem for her. She LOVES that part of the day.

So, for tomorrow, I'll put Rachel in a pretty dress (but probably a different one than last Monday) and get ready to put her on the bus. I'll get her lunch together. She has the same teacher as last year (unsure of the paras at this point) and she's really excited about seeing "Ms. Suzanne". And I've already contacted the teacher about an incident that happened earlier this summer (the allergic reaction that happened at her camp), so she's aware of it. [that reminds me, I need to schedule an appointment for her to see someone when Simon's in school].

So, all the things I had planned for last week will now be done during the short 3-day week this week. I'll get my day off tomorrow (mostly) and be able to relax a bit and catch my breath. Then I'll try to get my bearings and get ready for the semi-calm insanity of catching up on everything that I've fallen behind upon, including house cleaning, reading and research. But the time will be mine, which will hopefully allow me to have the patience to deal with my three loveable monsters when school ends each day.

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