Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another one of "THOSE" weeks....

Kevin is traveling this week. He was supposed to do this trip when we were in Connecticut, but it didn't work that way (the actual trip was postponed). He left early Monday morning and should be home before dinner on Saturday. Here it is, Tuesday night, and it feels like he's been gone for a month.

In all fairness, nothing has gone according to plan. We weren't anticipating Rachel being sick this past weekend, leading to Simon being sick Sunday night-Monday. We weren't anticipating sleep issues resurfacing and me going on 11 hours of sleep over the last 3 nights combined. We weren't anticipating Daniel's baseball practice to not be at the bottom of the hill, or the timing issues of getting him to his gymnastics class on Wednesday, which has led me to cancel the class this week. We didn't realize that Rachel's Back-To-School-Night was going to be on Thursday evening which I will have to miss. And Kevin didn't realize (until much later) that the kids would be off from school (scheduled) today for the Primary elections.

But we made it through today. We went to a new playground (for us) that wasn't fenced in, and, even though Rachel liked to leave the playground itself, she always returned when called. Simon was a bit daring and was climbing the structures that I would never have thought he would have had the nerve to try. He did fall once, but then 15 minutes later, was back up there to try it again (only fell once -- the following 2 attempts were successful). Daniel had fun being social with existing friends who we had met there. Then, when it was time to leave, there were no tantrums. I took advantage of another mom I know being there and was able to load them into the car one at a time and they were surprisingly cooperative. YAY!

I'm just exhausted. I was so tired last night, I woke at 1:30am with Simon asleep next to me in my bed. I missed him knocking down the gate to his room. I missed him running in. I missed him (I'm sure) climbing over me to get settled in the position I found him in. But, unfortunately, he's started needing me to stay with him when he wakes during the night, and this has been happening multiple times during the night (4-5 times on each of the last 3 nights). He needs for me to stay in his room, leaning on his bed. As soon as I leave, if he's not fully asleep, he follows me back to my bed within 5 minutes. In one night, I pretty much undid 16 months of sleep training. I'm hoping that, now that he's no longer sick, we will find ourselves back to where we were before this bug took hold. Because, now that he knows how to get out of his room, I'm not sure how we're going to retrain him.

I just need a LOT of sleep.....

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