Monday, August 30, 2010

"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year....."

Today was supposed to be a great day for all of us. We got up early, and everyone was excited about school starting again. Daniel was starting kindergarten. Simon was going to a new classroom (same program). And Rachel was going back to her much-missed routine. I would get my "Me Time" back. And Domino would get some undivided attention, which she clearly missed.

Everything was going so well, too. The kids ate breakfast and lunches were all packed. Shoes were lined up by the door. And, even though we knew we had a timing issue issue with Simon's bus and Daniel's school, we were ready. Then, at just after 8:00, I took Rachel outside to wait for her bus. I left the boys inside the house -- Daniel was playing on the computer -- Simon was watching Sprout's Wiggly Waffle, specifically Thomas and Friends to be followed by The Wiggles. I know -- leaving the TV to watch a 3.5 year old isn't wise, but he won't leave during those 2 shows.

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We're sitting out there, waiting for the bus. And waiting. And waiting. I know that it's the first day and that things are potentially running late. But at this point the bus is 15 minutes late (and the boys have been inside by themselves MUCH longer than I had planned). So, I call the bus depot. They inform me that Rachel isn't scheduled to be in school until September 7.


So, from then on things just fell apart. We had to get Simon outside to wait for the bus. But while I was getting his diaper changed and putting on his shoes, Rachel took off her shoes and socks and wasn't willing to have me put them back on. Daniel, in the meantime, is INSISTING that we walk down the hill to his school. I'll admit it -- I lost my temper a bit and yelled briefly. But, quickly, I got my frustration under control and got everyone outside to wait for Simon's bus. Daniel was "Look-Out". Simon's bus was about 8 minutes late (the same time Daniel is supposed to be at school) but it arrived and Simon climbed on. He warily climbed on and into his seat when he recognized the same driver as last year. All things considered, he did really well and the bus left just in time for the late bell at Daniel's school.

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So, I put Rachel in the wagon and we RUSHED down the hill. As we walked into the school, about 4 teachers/paras gave me the argument that the late bell is at 8:50. I told each of them that we knew we were going to have this issue, his teacher and the office had BOTH been informed, and we will be resolving it as quickly as possible (like next week). So, one of the paras took Daniel off to his class (which had already started), but they did let me get that final picture.


The rest of the week will be better. I now know that Rachel is home this week. And as crazy as today was, we have established a slight routine. And, for a change, I have Rachel without the other kids, and she has me to herself. It's going to be a fun week. And then, come next Tuesday, "Me Time" will return.

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