Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too much going on.....Time to get my head around it all....

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I'm posting here because I need to put it down on "paper", so to speak. I really need to stop and take a breath right now. Tomorrow Music Man is home from school because he has his annual physical in the morning and on Monday's his program ends at noon. He'll also be home on Tuesday because his program has no school that day (professional development, I suppose). We are preparing for placement meetings for kindergarten (x2) at the end of the month and beginning of March (I think). Ballerina has her annual physical on Thursday morning, but assuming she's happy, I'm taking her to school once it's done so I can get some things done. She also has an appointment with the specialist next week which will be an all day affair. And we're planning on potty-training Music Man next weekend (since it's a 3-day weekend and he has NO plans). These things are on top of my other obligations. My stress level is through the roof. My head feels like it's going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!

This is a modified post of what I put on a Facebook Group I am in. After typing it all out, I realized I needed to sit down and write a blog post. That always seems to help me get myself more organized and get some perspective.

Everything I said in that first paragraph is true. All of these things are happening this month. We had the two school visits that I wrote about previously. We have heard the recommendation for Music Man, but Ballerina hasn't been seen by the cluster representative so we don't know if she will get the "green light" to enter the Early Learning Center (however, it seems that a negative response doesn't carry the weight of a positive one). And to make things more stressful, Ballerina decides that this is the perfect time to develop Pink Eye so she was home from school on Thursday and Friday and we made a "quick" visit to an urgent care clinic since we couldn't get an appointment at a convenient time with the pediatrician. head is just POUNDING!!!!!

The truth is, this month really doesn't contain much more than any other. It just seems that way because of these few extras. And this placement meeting is really weighing on me. It seems so important. I know that if we decide the placement isn't correct, we can work to make changes so nothing is completely concrete. But it still feels that way. If we as a team make a decision that turns out to not be in their best interests, we can do something about it. And considering that the Early Learning Center is in our home school (the school they would be attending if they weren't classified as "special needs"), we have told that both our kids "have priority", should we need to transfer in during the year.

I am trying to live in the moment. I can't spend their lives wishing time to pass because we are faced with a deadline. This month is the first time in quite a while that I find myself thinking this way. But I need to stop. We are seeing a HUGE explosion in Music Man right now. And Ballerina continues to amaze us with her pixie-ish ways.

I need to stop worrying and realize that we are all doing the right things. There isn't a single day between now and Music Man's meeting that is completely overwhelming -- it just seems that way when we put it all together. So, I need to stop putting it together and take it one day at a time -- one event at a time. This week we have the 2 physical exams (and we'll squeeze in a haircut at some point) and Music Man will be home from school for a couple of days. There.....doesn't that seem easier?

We'll deal with the next chapter when it just 5 days......

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