Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mission, Accomplished!!!

Yes, I am declaring victory!!!!


Music Man left for school on Tuesday morning. He left for school in underwear. He had an accident before leaving, but it was just before so I felt safe sending him on the bus without a Pull-Up covering the underwear. In his backpack were 6 pairs of jeans and 8 pairs of underwear. I was prepared when he arrived home for him to have a large plastic bag full of wet clothes.

But that didn't happen. Instead, I got a phone call from his teacher. He had been withholding all day. But finally, at 1:50 (school ends at 2:00), with his Physical Therapist, he finally let go. And, from what she said, he let it ALL go!!!!!! He stood there with a strong stream leaving his body for almost a full minute!!! But the praise came right away, and Music Man just eats it all up. He had a Pull-Up for the bus ride home, worn outside of his underwear, but he kept himself dry for the rest of the day (with another successful bathroom visit not long after he arrived home). He stayed dry until Pajama Time when the overnight diaper was put on to end the day. Since we are not working on him staying dry at night, that was considered acceptable.

Yesterday (Wednesday) played out almost the exact same way. He had the morning accident and headed off to school. He stayed dry for most of the day and finally at 1:30, he was ready to let it all go. He arrived home dry, urinated shortly after snack and stayed dry until Pajama Time again. (he did need a change of clothes due to a large BM, but again, we're not concerned with that right now) 2 days in a row with only 1 accident.

This morning, Music Man overslept. He woke up on his own shortly before I had to go in to wake him. He woke with a smile on his face. I undressed him and had him sit on the toilet. And, to my surprise, about 1 minute later, he successfully urinated in the toilet. He had NEVER done that for me!!!! I was so proud of him. He got dressed and I kept an eye on that clock. For the last two days, he's had an accident between 8 and 8:15. I was going to try to be sure that didn't happen today. At 7:45, I brought Music Man to the toilet. We stayed there for about 3 minutes and then I had to bring him back to the kitchen table. Ballerina's bus arrives at approximately 7:55 and I had to finish getting her (and her lunch) ready. As soon as her bus came, I took Music Man back into the bathroom. After sitting there for about 2 minutes, the urine stream came out of him. THAT'S TWO TIMES THIS MORNING!!!!!! Not long after, he climbed on the bus in the same Perry the Platypus (from Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb) underwear and torn jeans that I put on him first thing this morning. And his teacher called earlier today -- he let himself go to the bathroom at 11:30 this morning so he wasn't withholding all day!

I think we have finally gotten through to him. I don't believe he is able to anticipate the need to go. He needs us to set the timer and take him at regular intervals. But 30 minute intervals seems to be sufficient as long as we watch the clock for that 8-8:15am release.

I am now comfortable in announcing that Music Man is successfully Daytime Urine Potty Trained!!!!!!


  1. He had his first accident free day on February 23 (the day I published this post). He successfully urinated in the toilet 10 times between home and school. And he is so proud of himself. His teacher called me to say that the administrator was in the classroom yesterday and asked the class "Who is wearing underwear today?". Music Man raised his hand and shouted, "ME ME ME!!!!!". We may have had a horrible weekend, but we were successful!!!!

  2. You know what - baby steps are every bit as much progress with our kids as giant leaps are. :)

    WAY TO GO MUSIC MAN!!! What an awesome kid!

    So happy that this is going so well for you!