Monday, December 5, 2011


I know.....I often say that....there are just several days every once in a while where it feels like it's all happening at once, and right now we're at one of those points. Nothing bad. Nothing catastrophic. Nothing life-altering. Just a lot.

Let's start with a follow-up to my last post. Since I wrote that, I have contacted several local newsletters and had stories published in several. Also, our local paper has been contacted and I hope they will consider writing a story about this dance program. I spent Thursday morning driving from one day care center to another, dropping off flyers for this dance class. I started writing as a blogger for The Germantown Patch, mainly to start getting this story out. I posted on every Facebook page I could think of that may help me reach my audience. And to date, it looks like it wasn't all in vain -- it looks like we may have another child signing up for this class. The Mom wants to check it out a bit first (and who can blame her), but I'm hopeful. And I learned over the weekend that the owner will NOT cancel this class, at least during this time that it's offered. The class has started, she has a loyal student who is enjoying and thriving in the class -- it won't be taken away from her. So, my true desperation has been relieved. But, at the same time, I really worked hard to get something like this started and I want to prove that it isn't just me -- I want this to be a success for children in addition to my Ballerina.

But this week is starting with a bang. Back in early October, I took Music Man to the dentist. The visit was reasonably successful (given my expectations), but we decided he needed more exposure than the every 6 months that is typical for kids' dental visits. So, this morning, I took him back there. It had been 2 months and in that time, he had gotten much better about brushing his teeth. He will now at least tolerate the brush and actually seems to enjoy the sensation for brief periods of time. But how would that translate to going to see the dentist? Well, the answer was "reasonably well". Once again, for most parents it would be a failure. He cried and screamed and kicked through the full exam. But he didn't attempt to bite the dentist. He allowed the mirror and the poker to be in his mouth for brief periods of time. And he didn't attempt to run away.

But the amazing thing was, after this, he asked me if he could get a haircut. He actually pulled at his hair and said "Haircut". Well, how can I NOT bring him to get a haircut (which was at least 6 weeks overdue) after he asks for it. This is another one of those "don't do it unless it's necessary" kind of activities. He hates it. And there is nothing I can say or do that will change that. But today, I picked him up from school (after dropping him off late to take him to the dentist) so we could get his haircut. And he did it!!!! Once again, there was a lot of screaming and hands covering his ears, but he allowed her to get the whole thing!!!! And now he looks so grown up!!!!!

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So, we got through today. Dentist and Haircut for my Music Man, and he handled it all like a champ!!!!

Tomorrow, Ballerina's IEP Meeting to, I think, begin the kindergarten transition. I THINK we're going to be discussing what evaluations are needed.....what programs they recommend......and what I need to do to make this happen. Stay tuned.....

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