Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Just A Bit Panicky Right Now

I've posted a few times here that we have had a HUGE victory in finding a dance class for Ballerina. It took ages to find it, but we have a great thing going. The only problem we have been having is getting the word out. I'm convinced that, if people knew about it, they would be begging to get their kids into such a class.

But if I'm right, they AREN'T learning about this class. There are only 2 students enrolled. Ballerina and another little girl who just turned 5. Together, they have been coming to The Studio Of Dance every week. And they have been participating in the class. They are working on ballet and tap. They play games. They march around the studio. The model for the mirrors. And they are having a lot of fun (well, at least my Ballerina is -- I really can't speak for the other girl).

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Earlier today, I received what I am interpreting as a disturbing email. This little girl's mother has decided to "take a break". They are hoping to return to the dance class later in the year, but for the time being they feel that they are better off eliminating this activity from their schedule. This is their prerogative. I know I can't complain about that. But there are only these 2 kids enrolled in this class right now. With her withdrawal from the class, that means that Ballerina is the only student. I don't know if they can offer such a class for just one student.

I'm really not sure what to do to spread the word. I have told everyone I know about this program. I contacted a local sports organization that runs sports programs for special needs kids to let them know this was going on (it wasn't a program they were running so they weren't in competition), but no one there would get back with me. I told both Ballerina's and Music Man's school programs and they sent home flyers for us. And today (after receiving this email), I wrote an article and submitted it to The Germantown Patch, a local web-based newsletter that contains local events and descriptions of local organizations. Hopefully, they will publish this in the near future and that will lead to more students enrolling.

But we can't lose this. If the class is cancelled, I will try to enroll her with the typical class that they run, just the younger group (don't know if she has the discipline to be with the kids her age). But this was something that I was so proud of -- a class that would teach special needs kids, specifically kids with autism, dance. The environment is more relaxed here. The expectations are more flexible. And Ballerina is simply LOVING it!!!!! I just don't want to see them have to take it away.

If there is anyone reading this who has more suggestions of how to spread the word of this program, I'm all ears. I know my specific reasons for wanting this is specifically for Ballerina, but the special needs community around here deserves it as well.


  1. Have you contacted Macaroni Kid? Both the Rockville and Germantown newsletter would be great to contact. Activity Rocket would be another place to contact.


  2. Thanks Carrie!!! I hadn't thought of either of these!!!! I will try to contact them in the morning.

  3. Hi,
    I heard about this from Stimey's post, and I think we might be interested. Our daughter is on the autism spectrum, four and a half, and loves music and dance. Could you email me more info at
    Jennifer Natalya Fink (a.k.a. Nadia's mom)