Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Official....I'm a Crazy Person

The last week has been nothing but insanity. Between my (successful) efforts (thank you very much) at getting word out about this dance class, Ballerina's IEP Meeting (which was a really simple thing of just getting us in the same room at the same time), and our normal craziness, I'm amazed I am able to sit at the computer to write this much less admit to the world that I'm officially crazy.

But it's true.

Ballerina's meeting yesterday was about as simple as can be. It really was just her team and I in the room discussing what evaluations they feel are required in order to present an accurate picture and to aid our decision as to which kindergarten program is best suited for her needs. The last evaluations in her file are from Summer 2009 and the report from CSAAC (the organization who conducted the in-home ABA while we were with MCITP [our school's Early Intervention program]), and they no longer paint an accurate picture of what she is doing. Most of these indicate that she was barely verbal and nearly 100% uncooperative. Anyone who sees her now knows that these phrases do not describe my daughter. So, I agreed for them to start evaluating her again. She will be seen by the school psychologists, her classroom teacher and I will fill out various reports, and she will receive both a Speech and OT screening (the latter will be using non-standardized and more informal assessments as they don't feel that the "formal" testing is appropriate at this time). The school has 90 days to complete these assessments. Then we'll sit down again for what I'm thinking of as "The Big Meeting" -- we'll go over the evaluations and determine kindergarten placement at that time.

So, when I receive (haven't as yet) a request for an IEP Meeting for Music Man to take place in January, this is what I should be expecting (they've already told me that they plan to hold such a meeting to get updated assessments for him as well). I swear, this transition to kindergarten is going to drive me crazy. I'm almost to the point of saying, "JUST TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE GOING ALREADY!!!" Because, as I'm sure you know, I'm just SLIGHTLY on edge about this whole process....

But there is some positive news to report.....more follow-up to the dance class.....not only is that student that I mentioned earlier considering joining the class, but someone else has ACTUALLY REGISTERED!!!!!!!! So, we may have 3 active students in this class within a couple of weeks!!! This was the minimum that the studio owner told me that she wanted to see. I know the class wouldn't have been cancelled (now), but it would be nice to know that it's CLEARLY safe.

So, now I'm trying to get my head back on. I'm trying to figure out exactly what is going on so I can focus. Time to breathe and get ready for the next stage, whatever that may be.....

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