Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am feeling so vindicated right now.....Ballerina's dance class started on October 1. We started planning it several weeks before. But I was at a loss where to go to promote it. I knew that the class was meeting an "unmet need". I knew that people would be interested, if only they knew it existed. But I'm not a promoter. I don't know how to spread the word. I just tried to figure that out. Just trying to get the word out in my small circle.

That was until a couple of weeks ago when I wrote my panicked blog post. I was terrified that this class would be cancelled, after all that effort. I was afraid that it would be taken away from my little Ballerina -- her all-time favorite activity. I just couldn't let that happen. I became a woman possessed. It was my MISSION to make sure this program succeeded. I went to day care centers to drop off flyers. I posted on every Facebook page I could think of. I wrote a blog post here. I contacted a couple of local papers, including the Germantown Patch, and wrote my own article there (became one of their regular bloggers for the effort). I also contacted another blogger who happens to run a website listing all things autism in our area.

These efforts paid off. Today's dance class was not only my little Ballerina, but there were 4 little girls, all wanting to dance. All wanting this opportunity but these families had previously been unable to find anything suitable for their daughters. The class went smoothly. They all had such fun! I got to observe the last 1/3 of the class, and it was such a pleasure.

I felt like a hero. I made this happen. I let these families know this program exists. And now they can have the same pleasure I get every week watching Ballerina get ready for her dance class and for the euphoria she enjoys for the rest of every Saturday.

How often does an Autism Mom say that they feel like a hero?

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