Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whine Whine Whine!!!!

Yeah, I'm whining.....but I'm doing it in my SUE me!!!!!

I'm faced with disappointment.  School has been out for nearly 3 weeks (come Tuesday) and the kids have been home.  And I've been home.  We've been playing Wii, playing on the computer, the phones, doing some homework, and various other activities since then, and things have gone reasonably successfully.

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But I was really looking forward to July 2 when ESY would start for Ballerina and Music Man and Big Brother would attend "Tech Bounce" camp at BounceU.

Then Friday night happened.

I live in the DC area.  If you aren't aware, the DC area was hit by a MASSIVE thunderstorm on Friday night with hurricane force winds that has left MILLIONS without power, trees were ripped from the ground or snapped on the trunk, and destruction everywhere you turn.  We have lost our tree in this, but fortunately, we were lucky in that it just fell across our yard (and our neighbor's yard) rather than into the road or (God forbid) in the house.

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We really were quite lucky.  So many people I know lost power in this 100+ degree heat.  It's also very humid so the air conditioning is pretty essential this weekend.  But we didn't lose power.  And, like I said, we may have lost a tree but it didn't damage any people or property (other than the tree).

We were on a mandatory water restriction for nearly 2 days because the filtration facilities and pumping stations were without power.  That was lifted earlier this afternoon.

But the schools are without power.  Therefore, Ballerina's and Music Man's ESY has been canceled for tomorrow and Tuesday.


I was really looking forward to having those 3.5 hours these next two mornings to find my energy again.  And it's not going to happen.  At least not yet.


So, I need to find some activities for my twin monsters to do these next couple of days.


Oh, well......sometimes, that's just the way it is.

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