Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Ballerina

On Sunday, the dance studio where Ballerina takes dance lessons was holding an Open House.  They are preparing to start their second year and are, I think, still trying to find students to fill out the classes.  The Open House was from 12-6 and when Ballerina dressed for the day, she wore her leotard with the skirt.

When she saw me bring that in for her to wear, the grin spread across her face from ear to ear.  She KNEW she was going to go to the dance studio that day.....even though we had told her, this confirmed it.  She couldn't wait to go.  Every 5 minutes, she was asking if she was going to "Dance".  It even distracted her during her gymnastics class that morning.

But at 2:00, I brought her to the studio.  I said "Hello" to the owner who was working in her office, Ballerina put her shoes in the cubby and came to me to put on her ballet shoes (which were too small, at least when she wasn't wearing tights) and then run into the studio where her classes were held last year.

By the time I got in there, she was already standing in front of the mirrors dancing.  She was performing her show routine from last year (which she refused to get on stage to perform at the recital). She was making faces in the mirror and having so much fun.  Then I pulled out my secret weapon -- her iPod.  On this is the video "Wiggle Dancing In The USA" and it contains the song, "Music Box Dancer".  She has watched this particular song often and has learned the dance by heart.  And on the moments where the video turns away from Dorothy the Dinosaur (who is the dancer here) to pan to the band, Ballerina has made up her own choreography.

When she stepped into that dance studio, you could see the look on her face that screamed (with a HUGE smile), "I'M HOME!".  I suspect we'll be enrolling her in dance classes for a VERY long time!!!!

But I nicknamed her very well.....she most definitely is my Little Ballerina!!!!!


  1. That's great. My daughter is into gymnastics at the moment. Her interests change from year to year.

    1. At this age, that's almost how it should be. I'm hoping that dance will be around for a while.....the longer she sticks with it, the better she'll do. But right now it's definitely her favorite thing to do!!!! ;)