Friday, July 6, 2012

Making a Difficult Decision

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Yesterday, I received a phone call (well, a message) from Music Man's teacher.  His school was opening for the day today.  Transportation would be provided.  I then checked my email and Ballerina's school was also going to be open.

First, I think I need to fill in a gap.....I previously spoke about the schools being closed due to the power outages from the thunderstorm that came through our area last Friday.  They were initially closed on Monday and Tuesday.  Then, they would be closed as planned for 4th of July.  But they were supposed to open on Thursday.  Well, on Wednesday night, the decision was made to keep the schools closed for the rest of the week because many still didn't have power restored.  But apparently, enough schools have now had their power restored that they made the decision to open those schools who's power had been restored.

This poses an interesting dilemma.  You see, today is Friday.  So, they would be going to ESY program for the first time this year today, and then have the weekend.  Then they would return on Monday.  I am going a little batty as these kids have been home since June 12.  And we are getting a little punchy.  I would really like for them to be with their friends.  I would really like to have these 3.5 hours without having to worry about them (Big Brother would still be home, but I can send him to the basement while I take a long shower).

What's a Mom to do?

This Mom made a decision.  She actually made it last night, almost as soon as she heard that the schools would be open this morning.  She decided to keep these kids home for one more day.  Friday is a bad day to start a new Monday thru Friday routine.  This is likely to introduce far more problems than the number of problems it will solve.

So, Ballerina and Music Man stayed home.

Hopefully, on Monday we will be able to get our new routine going and it will start off on the right foot.  Because, right now, all 3 kids are going to camp on Monday morning.  Ballerina and Music Man may be done after the morning, but they all need to be doing their own "thing".

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