Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's so Special About Being "Normal" Anyway?

I mean, isn't "normal" another word for "boring"? We all have our ideocyncracies, right? Our little quirks that make each of us unique?

Yeah, when we are teenagers, we all strive to "accepted", and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to simply fit in and be "normal". But then we wise up. We remember how we were when we were younger. We were happier. We didn't care what anyone else thought. We were the way we were and we were loved for being special because we embraced our true nature.

I am an Autism Mom. It's a label that I wear proudly. I am EXTREMLY proud of my children. All 3 of them. They all have "quirks". They all have things that make them "stand out". They are each "unique". Even my twins.....they are (to quote Dad) "total opposites except for when they are exactly the same." They embrace what makes them so unique. And so do I.

After all, what is normal anyway?

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