Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Goal Achieved

Well, now it's official. All 3 kids will be attending the same physical school next year. Big Brother will be in a typical 2nd grade classroom. Music Man will be in the Early Learning Center. And Ballerina will be in either a typical kindergarten classroom with resources or in the Early Learning Center with her twin brother. There will be no buses (except for field trips). There will be no need to coordinate between 3 different schools when one school is off one day and the other two are going, or two have a half day while the third does family!

This happened yesterday when we had Music Man's placement meeting. It was the simplest meeting I had ever attended, mainly because it was just formalizing the discussion I have been having with his teacher and administrator over these last few months. There were no surprises. There were no questions to be answered. We already knew where he was going and what we needed to pass along to his new teachers.

THIS has been the carrot for me. Everything we've done to date has led me to this point. To have all 3 of my kids in one school and have that school be located just down the street from our home feels like I've entered paradise. They will both have peer models to learn from. They will both be learning the state-wide kindergarten curriculum. They will both be given the same opportunities as their typically developing peers. Perhaps they will make friends (or maybe not).

When I think of where we were 3 years ago, I'm just in awe. They have learned so much! And they have made this Mom so proud!


  1. I can just see you happy dancing!!! :) Congrats on getting them all in the same school!

  2. Jenn, THANK YOU!!!!! Balancing 3 schedules has been driving me CRAZY for far too long now. Next year, at least the school schedules will be the same.