Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest Post

I mentioned last week that I was trying to decide what to do. I had written an article for the SPD Blogger Network that was due to be published this week (today, to be precise). This post is a letter that I wrote to the Parent Educator that told me that my kids wouldn't be able to enter a diploma bound program in our schools and I should be considering other options for them. It was her opinion that I was expecting too much of them given their preschool placements.

Well, the article/letter has now been posted. And if I'm going to do anything, now's the time. This conversation has been on my mind for a year now.

I could post a link to the article on the Yahoo! Group for the organization that this person is a part of. If I was to post it there, there is a reasonable chance that she would see it. But there is a reasonable chance that others will see it who are associated with this group. It's possible that I will be a source of embarrassment to her. And I know what it will look like. It will make me look petty. It will make me look like someone seeking revenge. It is completely inappropriate. It is unprofessional.

And I won't do it.

You see, I am petty. I want to take this and shove it in her face and force her to read it. But I'm also a grown up. I know that there are times where, even if I'm in the right, I need to be mature and handle things with dignity and respect. I'm still hoping this person sees this article. And I'm hoping that she remembers our conversation and realizes that it is directed specifically to her. And, if she does, I hope that she is more careful with the advice that she imparts on the families she works with.

My letter is written. And it's been published. Now I can walk away with my head held high.

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