Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today, summer truly begins in my house. School is ending and all 3 kids will be home by (probably) 1:15. To me, "summertime" means no strict school schedules. It means playing more. It means going to the pool. It means time for camp rather than school. It means time for fun.

Well, with 2 kids on the spectrum, that's not QUITE the way things are going to work around here. We have summer school to consider for Rachel and Simon. Rachel will start on the 27th, Simon will start the following week. Even their camp will be about learning rather than about fun (but they will have plenty of fun as well).

But at least through the weekend, I intend to make sure they have FUN. Assuming health and weather cooperates, we're going to make it to a playground tomorrow. Rachel will have her last gymnastics class on Saturday morning which the teachers have promised to make it a favorite session. If the weather cooperates, we'll be heading to the pool on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Next week, Rachel is going to try a new camp for a day with her big brother. One that is NOT geared towards kids on the spectrum where she is enrolled in gymnastics (with her favorite teacher). Simon and I will be staying nearby (if it doesn't work), probably at Simon's favorite playground. But it will be interesting to see what she thinks of that.

But we have to remember to be safe. Especially at the pool. This is a link I shared on Facebook, on every page that I typically go to. Now I want to share this on my blog. 18 seconds goes by so fast. But that's all it takes to change lives forever. My heart goes out to Joannie Logan's family. Hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.

Pools are a lot of fun, for everyone. And I know this story isn't something that happens to everyone. But we all have to be aware. We all have to be careful. We all have to take precautions. We all have to be safe.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to Summertime!!!!!!

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