Wednesday, June 15, 2011

School is Ending

Well, tomorrow will be the last day of school. My kindergartener will be entering first grade. Rachel and Simon will be ready to begin their last year of preschool before they begin kindergarten. And I am trying to make sure that everything can get done before they are home for 2 weeks before summer routines get going.

But things are never as simple as they appear. Things always seem to happen to complicate things. In this case, Rachel got sick. Not VERY sick. Just an upset stomach with rather severe diarrhea. Enough to have her sent home from school in a diaper. Enough for her to stay home for a day wearing a Pull-Up all day to make sure there were no disastrous messes. The amazing thing here was she didn't fight wearing it -- in fact, she asked for it. Once again, I see a glimpse of her self-awareness. She was perfectly happy except for the moments that she felt another wave coming.

Today was a run-around day. Because I lost yesterday with Rachel home, I have a lot to do before Simon gets dismissed at 11:30 tomorrow morning. I had some personal obligations to attend to. I also had to purchase gifts for the teachers and para-educators that work so closely with my children. And I was amazed at how quickly that bill added up -- 3 teachers (one per child) and 9 para-educators. I didn't get anything for the others working with them (speech, OT, PT, bus, etc) because there was just a limit -- at least I could cut it off there. I am grateful to all of them (well, not the bus -- can't wait for that to end in another school year), but I've got to cut it off somewhere. It all adds up.

But all the gifts have now been delivered. All meetings are over. Camps are arranged. Medications collected from the schools. All personal obligations met. Now I just need to go to the local Sam's Club to stock up. Hopefully, I can get there in the morning. Otherwise, I'll have to head over there on Saturday afternoon, a far less preferable option because it becomes a family outing. If I can't make it to Sam's one more grocery store trip without the kids in tow. Then starting around noon tomorrow, Simon will be home, 12:30 Daniel will be coming home and about 1:00, Rachel will arrive. Then all 3 will be home until June 29 when Rachel begins ESY (Extended School Year), and July 5 when Simon begins his ESY program, and all 3 kids begin their camps.

I'm ready for being frazzled. I'm ready for the insanity. I'm hoping to keep some level of routine. I'm hoping that it won't be too hot so that I can handle taking them to local playgrounds. I know we'll be heading to the pool nearly every afternoon (Daniel has swim team and Rachel & Simon both love to play in the water). One part of routine down. Just about 10 more to go.....


  1. isn't planning for the summer so much fun. :)

  2. Oh, loads!!!! At least this time we are organized about it and were able to find the funding!!!!! Gotta love LISS Grants!!!!

  3. I hope you have a great summer!