Thursday, January 27, 2011

I did something drastic.....

....I don't know exactly what came over me. I woke up on Sunday morning and decided that I was going to cut my hair. I've always dreamed of having long hair, despite the fact that I know it doesn't suit me. I let it grow, get tired of it, have it cut and then try again. But on this occasion, I woke up, and with Rachel lying on my left and Simon on my right, I just KNEW I needed to do this on this occasion, and I needed to do this myself.

So, after breakfast and taking the dog for a walk, I took my shower, put my hair in a ponytail and braid, took a pair of scissors and cut. The braid is about 9 inches long. My hair now is as long as my head but doesn't cover my neck. And, it worked!!!! I actually like it!!!! It's not the best haircut I've ever had, but it's not even close to the worst. And the braid has been put into a bag and will be donated to Locks of Love, putting a slightly philanthropic twist on this strange action I've chosen to take.

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The strange thing is the reaction that I seemed to have gotten from my mother. She's APPALLED that I chose to do this. First, that I decided to cut it short. And second, that I did it to myself. She's publicly told me to go out and get a wig. I've spoken with her on the phone a couple of times and she just continues to go on about it. I was trying to tell her that her grandchild was throwing up half the night and she just kept screaming about the "self-mutilation" that I just did to myself.

Oh, well, I suppose I'm just nuts. But I knew that already, so who cares?

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