Sunday, November 7, 2010

He Surprised Me.....

Simon's IEP meeting is approaching, and I'm starting to get comfortable with what I'm going to do (asking about changing his placement). Then today happens....

Yes, today (well, tonight) was enlightening. He was a different child. He was cooperative. He was helpful. He was interacting with his environment (not people so much). He "read" his book. He wasn't phased when his older brother "Surprise"d him (which will often lead to tantrum [which is why (I sometimes think) Daniel does it -- he is a brother after all]). When the time came to get into pajamas, Kevin asked him to bring over his PJs, and he picked up the small stack and brought it right to Kevin and even sort of helped Kevin get them on him. As we were watching The Wiggles (as part of our routine), he was dancing and singing along with the music. During his nighttime books, he was anticipating and pointing to the interesting aspects of the pictures. He quietly settled into bed after we said our "Good Nights".

I wish I wasn't just mesmerized watching him and thought to get my phone in camera mode (for the dancing) and get it recorded to share with the world, or to be able to look back on as time continues to pass. It was a treasured moment that we don't see too often from Simon.

Where did this child come from? Is he here to stay or was tonight a fluke? Is he learning these things at school or is he just happy with our routine? Should I ask about changing his placement, as I've been leaning towards, or keep my mouth shut next week?

Right now I'm just going to relax and enjoy the wonderful night we just had with him. Tomorrow is another day and I will go back to thinking about this -- it's too important to let this go. But tonight was a good night.

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  1. Awesome. Just kick back and enjoy it. I love days / nights like those.