Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decision's Made

Second meeting is done. We're done for now. Both of my kids are staying put.

Yup.....after all my waffling about what I should do for Simon, I decided not to fight this. Something is happening with him right now. Something is trying to break out. I don't know what. But it's there -- just below the surface and it's struggling to break free. We have already made one change -- we started these music classes on Saturday mornings. We don't want to make any other changes right now. In a bit, we'll see what this is that's coming out of Simon. Is it a full breakthrough or just a small step? But we need to give this a chance.

It was nice to sit there and listen to all that Simon's accomplished since January 12 when he started this program. He's become much more receptive to group activities (which was already one of his strengths). He's starting to show interest in general play activities. I was able to talk about some of my specific concerns, including his aversions to noise and his unwillingness to try new things (used the music class as an example). But the truth is, 6 months ago we wouldn't have made it through the class -- it would have been a bad experience for him the first few times he went and then, perhaps, he'd be ready to accept it. Now, it was just the first 10 minutes. I expect problems when we go on Saturday, but now we're building on a success.

One of his "objectives" though was something I had to ask about -- it read that Simon would sit on the toilet. I didn't expect them to have a fully "potty training" objective -- they want to see success and that objective is much more difficult to happen then others. But I saw it there and asked about it -- have they been successful at getting him to "sit"on the toilet? They told me that he will, but he's not happy about it. They can usually get him for a 10 count (speed varies depending on his cooperativeness) and then he can get up. But they aren't trying to "train" him right now -- just that early step. Funnily enough, on my drive home, his teacher calls me to tell me that he "pooped" in the toilet!!!! When I asked if she felt he was ready for training, she definitely implied that this should still be considered almost a "fluke", but a success nonetheless. So, perhaps I'll be able to stop ordering diapers soon......or perhaps not.....

Was the right decision made? For today, yes. For next week or next month, well, we'll worry about it next week or next month. I always have the option of calling for another meeting and bringing this up for discussion again. I just need to see where this is going right now before chancing such a big change as his placement. Hopefully, it is the right thing and we won't have to worry about this until next year.

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