Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is on....

.....and we got through the day. Daniel started his camp today which allowed me to spend some time with Rachel and Simon (without their older brother). As strange as that sounds (since he's the older one), that's something that NEVER seems to happen. During the school year, Daniel was in school LESS than either of them since he was only in a half-day program and their programs were 5 hrs/day for Simon (except Mondays) and 6 hrs/day for Rachel (plus bustime for both). And Simon gets me to himself for about 3 hours/day next week.

This is just really nice. I can plan activities for Rachel and Simon and not worry about what Daniel is up to. Our local public library has a couple of play rooms and we are planning on going there tomorrow morning, and we'll be doing a make-up gym class later in the week. These are 2 activities that is just hard to do when it's just me if I have all 3 kids. The play room in the library (at least this particular one) is a bit juvenile for Daniel but is at Rachel and Simon's level. And Daniel spends all of the gym class trying to convince me that he can come in to "help" (if you have or know of an over-enthusiastic 5 year old, you understand WHY I put that word in quotation marks).

The week-and-a-half that Daniel had me to himself was really nice. There are so many things he wants to do that I can't help him with because of Rachel and Simon, both because of their age and the quirks that exist related to autism. But he's what we refer to as "high demand". Not a bad kid -- not at all or in any way. But he is exhausting all by himself. It's nice that he's back with kids his own age doing activities that are both age appropriate and FUN!!!!!!

And now I can devote my attention to Rachel and Simon.

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