Thursday, June 3, 2010

Double Trouble

I don't know if this is simply peer pressure or recognizing the positive feedback Rachel's been receiving or if there's more going on here....

The last day or two, Simon has been asking about going "potty". We aren't going to refuse the request (you never know, after all), but right now I'm trying to figure out if he is really ready or if this is simply him recognizing the positive reactions his sister is receiving from me and his Dad and he wants to share in that glory. In general, I would tend towards he's wanting to share in the positive feedback for his sister, and I don't feel he's really ready, but there's a few things that makes me wonder given this new development.

His "stimming" behaviors have recently turned very physically inward. It's making us a bit crazy trying to stop the behavior -- I mean, historically his stimming behavior is focused on a toy (or what SHOULD be a toy), but we can take it away when the play becomes destructive. When the object of this behavior is himself, how can you stop it? But is this personal obsession an indication that he's ready for something more?

The bottom line is, at the moment, I feel that if we start trying to potty-train Simon, we're setting him up for failure. I sent an email to his school asking him if they are noticing anything there. After all, if they are seeing it too, then perhaps we should consider a plan for training him as well. But I suspect this is something that he's only doing at home since more often than not, he asks to go "potty" when Rachel asks to be taken to the bathroom. But who knows....maybe we'll be a diaperless household before too long.....

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