Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think I remember now.....

......why I fell apart last year. On June 17 I believe. I ended up spending a fair amount of time on the phone with our family coordinator with Infants and Toddlers that morning after a small but significant breakdown. That's when the suggestion for camps came up for Daniel, and why I made sure to sign him up for camps starting as soon as they began. I was hoping that taking that preventative step would be wise. I'm sure that it was the wise course of action, but it hasn't prevented the problem. And I STILL don't have the 3 of them home full time yet.....

I really just need to be able to take them somewhere and not be afraid of them running off where I feel I can keep something resembling control. I almost went to a playground today after Simon came home from school, but the constant runs to the bathroom made that a difficult proposition -- I may be able to ask someone to keep an eye on Daniel, but I can't ask someone to do that for Simon. And taking Rachel to the bathroom is a bit of an ordeal -- it takes time to get her on the toilet and, like all children recently trained, you have a VERY narrow window of opportunity. I had to take her to the bathroom at least 10 times between lunch and dinner, and every time, it felt like we barely made it. And there were 2 additional times that she failed to anticipate in time. I'm THRILLED that she's trained!!!! BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!! But it does have to be considered (along with everything else) before leaving the house.

We did manage to go out for a while this morning before Simon came home -- took a run to the grocery store, PetSmart and Borders. And Rachel and Daniel did enjoy approximately 2/3 of story time at the book store before we had to leave to make sure we were home in time for Simon's bus. Rachel didn't exactly pay attention to the stories that were read -- instead, she found the shelves of board books and pulled them down one at a time, brought them over to me and then read them to herself (quite loudly). It was both amusing and mortifying. But at least I didn't have to take her out of the store kicking and screaming or purchase several books that we already own because she destroyed them in the short time we were in the store -- both things have happened in the past.

Today was not all bad -- Rachel found great pleasure in demonstrating her new spelling skills -- she kept shouting "R-A-C-H-E-L!!!!!" Finally, she allowed me to turn on the camera and record it (and consequently put it on my Facebook page). She had me show her that video OVER and OVER and OVER again throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Tomorrow is Friday. Simon will be finishing school. It will be Daniel's last day home before his camps begin where I'm on my own. Over the weekend, Kevin will be here and I'll be able to get the breaks that seem so elusive during the week. I was just really hoping today would have been better than yesterday. I didn't get that wish.

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