Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My New Routine

Yesterday was our MPAC home visit for Simon -- we were trying to determine how to make Simon's progress in school translate to home and other locations. Overall, the visit went well. Another bit of proof that I've been lazy. You would think that now that I'm not CONSTANTLY being pulled in 3 different directions for the 3 kids, I'd have the energy to deal with things when they came up -- especially since I can often focus on one kid at a time, at least for part of the time. But Simon has, yet again, gotten lost in the shuffle.

Simon needs direct stimulation. I've been letting him relax a bit when he gets home from school -- he works so hard there and the directed tasks are exhausting for everyone -- especially for him. But letting him take it easy isn't the right thing to do. So, starting today (well, tomorrow I suppose [have to take Daniel to the doctor since he was sent home from school which will take that available time]), when Simon comes home from school, we're going to be a bit more regimented until we head upstairs to wait for Rachel to come home. I can give him "time off" after Rachel gets home (and finishes her snack) so I can continue this work with her. I haven't been doing it for her either, but she hasn't seemed to need it as much. But, if it will help Simon, I'm sure it will help her too, and after she gets home, it will be her turn. And Daniel will still have my focused attention from the time he gets home until Simon gets home.

Hopefully, this will work for everyone. My time is the morning. Not long ago, I didn't even have that. Mornings are enough for me. Yes, they are. And as I keep saying it, I'll realize it's true.....

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