Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Haphazard Post

Well, there are a couple of things I want to say tonight, mainly because I want to capture the moments....

First, there's the update on the Potty Training of Rachel. School is only focusing on urine since there's very little they can do to train her releasing her BMs into the toilet -- they are more unpredictable and, honestly, harder to force into being without consequences. The thought for her is (as is the case with most kids), once they get used to being potty trained for urine and learn that an unclean pair of underwear (or Pull-Up if still needed) is extremely uncomfortable, they eventually get the idea. And I remember when training Daniel, BMs were MUCH slower to train then urine.

Her progress with this, just like everything else, is remarkable. The first day, she had several accidents, all in the morning -- by the afternoon, she started to get the idea of what she was supposed to do (as I mentioned in an earlier post). The second day, she also had several accidents, but her teacher said they were all in quick succession, almost as though she didn't understand the concept of emptying her bladder. But once that was past, NOTHING. Yesterday, she only had 2 accidents, both early. But today, she had NO URINE ACCIDENTS AT ALL while she was at school. Per instructions provided by the school, we are doing very little at home right now. That will likely be changing soon. We are taking her to the toilet when she requests it (as quickly as possible) and we will continue doing at least that for however long is necessary. But both Kevin and I are so pleased how quickly she's taking to this words just can't describe it.

On a completely different note, I wanted to comment a change to our bedtime pattern. Some time ago, I mentioned the antics of my twins as they prepare to go to sleep in the evenings. Over the last week or so, things have been changing. I don't think we've discovered the new pattern yet -- I think they're still testing things out, but it's still a lot of fun to watch this change happening.

Simon decided a while ago that he shouldn't have to wait until I leave the room to climb into Rachel's bed. So, as soon as I give him his kisses and the rest, he jumps right into her bed. Rachel didn't seem to like this particular change, so she was trying to come up with HER way of doing things. Lately, instead of climbing into her bed after saying "Goodnight" to Kevin, she waits until Simon climbs into her bed, and then she climbs into HIS so she and I can say out "Goodnight"s. Simon, at first, didn't like this one bit. He's still not happy about it, but he's starting to recognize this compromise. But then, tonight they threw another curve ball at me as I finished singing our songs. Instead of just saying good night, they EACH got out of the other's bed and climbed into their own. Then we recited our final "Goodnight" phrases as I left the room.

After about 20 minutes and saying "Goodnight" to Daniel, they were both playing in Rachel's bed. Lately, at this stage, Rachel is usually in her bed talking or playing and Simon is off playing himself somewhere, usually climbing into the glider chair in their bedroom (for the record, our first added Goodnight Phrase [and always the last instruction given] was "NO CHAIR"). As long as there has been no unplanned naps, they are still usually both asleep relatively quickly (within 15 minutes of me coming downstairs).

I'm still moving Simon from Rachel's bed back to his own before going to sleep myself. But he almost always manages to get back into her bed before Kevin leaves for work in the morning.

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