Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As the summer approaches....

.....we are getting ready for a new form of insanity. Daniel's schedule is already changing -- he will be graduating from pre-school tomorrow morning. It's hard to believe -- he's been attending this nursery school for nearly 3 years and after tomorrow he will have "graduated". He'll be going back there next week for a week-long 1/2 day camp, but the "school" part is over. It's been a good experience for him and he's now ready for the new experiences kindergarten will bring.

This makes me a bit nervous. Last year, when Daniel finished school is when I fell apart. I don't know if it was because I had the 3 kids home with little-to-no social activities planned, or just that it took that long for reality to set in that it just clobbered me over the head at that moment. But after Daniel started camps, things started to get easier. This year, we're more prepared on that score. He's starting camps later in June that will take care of him for 6 weeks (2 weeks each at 3 different programs) and range from 3 hour programs to a full-day 7 hour multi-sport camp. Plus, we're planning on making our (now) annual trip to visit family in CT/NY and that will last just over a week. My parents are getting in the act this year -- they want to keep Daniel for a few days and do activities with him (without me or Rachel and Simon), and I plan on obliging. Details are still sketchy across the board on that trip, but we know it will be happening in mid-August. Then kindergarten starts on August 30.

Rachel's and Simon's summer schedule is actually quite easy. Their current school programs end on June 16 and a couple of weeks later will be starting ESY (Extended School Year). School for each of them is only half-day (as opposed to the full-day it is right now), but I have also signed them up for camps (through Simon's school) from 1-3 daily. Rachel will be bused from her school to the camp and Simon will already be there, so I don't even have to worry about getting them there. I am only responsible for picking them up. I hope they enjoy it. It'll make for full days during the summer, but they're used to it. And I really think they'll enjoy the experiences and will get a lot of the social opportunities. And, most importantly, THEY WILL FINALLY BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!

So, unlike last year, I think I'm ready for the summer. At least I hope I am.....

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