Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Choosing Preschools and Thinking About the Transition

Yesterday, Kevin and I went to visit 2 of the 3 preschools offered by our local school district for when the twins turn 3 in January. We plan to visit the 3rd one next month. Both of the programs we visited were high on the "likelihood" list for placement for both Rachel and Simon.

Unfortunately going into it, we were told that one of the programs would be great for Simon and the other for Rachel. I went to the visit hoping to see that one program or the other (or both) would be a good placement for BOTH of them. When we left, I had to concur with their team at MCITP. Rachel may do well in MPAC but she will excel in CAPP. Simon will be lost at CAPP, but MPAC should be a really good fit for him. PEP is still in the mix, but the impression I get is that both of them need more services than the 1/2 day the PEP programs provide.

We also just got their 6 month reports in the mail today. It's so depressing to see where they are according to these reports -- most skills for my 33 month old daughter is at the approximately 15 month level. My 33 month old son is approximately 14 month level for all but language skills (because of his echolalia, his language skills are not very measurable).

I'm coming to realize that this transition isn't going to be easy. Well, I always knew that.....but as it's getting closer that fact is becoming clearer and clearer. In theory though, once the transition is complete, life gets easier. If you believe that, raise your hand......(yeah, I really see you doing that right about now)

All right -- I think this about covers me this week -- 3 posts in 3 days -- I think that's a record......

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