Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time is Mine Again

What happened?  I'm sitting at the computer, 1:21 in the afternoon.  There are no kids behind me crying that they want to use the computer.  No one claiming that it's their turn to play on the Wii.  No call for a particular television show.  No cry of calling for the bus or for a favorite teacher.  No questions of "Where are we going to go today, Mom?"  It's just me.  Television is playing a Food Network show that has been sitting on our DVR for some time.  The washing machine (and dryer) are running.  The rain is falling on the deck with some distant thunder rumbling.  But there are NO CHILDREN HERE!!!!

Yes, it may have taken a long time, but all 3 of my kids have now started school.  Rachel had her first day yesterday.  She got off the bus and announced that she had a "Fun Day!".  Daniel has already managed to get into trouble with his teacher, breaking a mirror trying to create a self-portrait.  Simon has already used a sick day (yup, he had a fever over the weekend and had to stay home from school for a day).  Reports from Rachel's and Simon's teacher have been positive telling me that they have adjusted nicely.

I still have a few worries about Rachel and her adjusting to her new classroom.  She still talks about "Ms. Suzanne" as her teacher.  At this point, I'm not sure if she recognizes the truth and that she has a new teacher this year and "Ms. Suzanne" is what she calls school, or if she is refusing to accept this truth.  I'm beginning to think the former.  We are still holding off bringing her to Pre-K until the school year establishes itself, so at least 3 weeks.  We have her next doctor's appointment on October 10 and we will need to make a decision of whether and (if so) how to change her medication regimen.  That will be based on her school schedule.  I really would like to see her in that pre-K classroom for the full time (full morning or afternoon) as quickly as possible, so we can ascertain where we need the extra work to prepare her for kindergarten.

This year is going to be a bit crazy.  We have set a lofty goal of sending both Rachel and Simon to our home school for kindergarten next year, even though they will likely be going into special needs classrooms.  I would also really like to see Rachel (at least) brought into a typical classroom for a portion of the day.  Additionally, Daniel really needs to settle in to his new routine.  In addition to starting school, he's started soccer and we hope to get him involved in scouts soon.  Gymnastics continues for both Daniel and Rachel, Simon begins piano lessons (yes, they are now piano lessons) on Saturday, and we have found a Dance class for Rachel.  Daniel also needs to begin his religious education this year.  Additionally, I have my own responsibilities.  I am a classroom volunteer in Daniel's first grade class.  I am on the board of a local MOMS Club International chapter.  I also am the Volunteer Coordinator for our home school's PTA.  I'm trying to get a career as a Parent Advocate started.  I administer a FB page and try to keep myself organized on other fronts.  And I still have this house, a dog and other random responsibilities.

I think I've bitten off more than I can chew.  This week is about trying to figure out exactly what I need to get done on monthly, weekly and daily basis.  I plan to truly organize myself by setting schedules and "To Do" lists.  I know there is time for everything -- I just need to figure out when that is.

But with the start of a new school year comes a new set of responsibilities.  It's a chance for me to start being ME again.

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