Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleepless Nights

Have you ever just been unable to sleep? Not fall asleep -- but sleep through the night? That's been where I've been for quite a while now. I fall asleep quickly but am awake starting around 3 or 3:30 and I'm lucky if I ever fall back to sleep. And it definitely takes a toll. My patience is reduced, my temper rises and I just feel lousy.

Last night I couldn't stop my mind from racing. I was thinking ahead to upcoming IEP meetings. I was thinking about Rachel returning to pre-K soon. I was thinking about a conversation I had before heading upstairs to bed. I was thinking about Daniel needing to finish his homework by the end of the week. I was thinking about Rachel's upcoming dance class. I was thinking about that past moment in Simon's music class. I was thinking about, well, I don't know what else....

There is just so much stuff going on right now. Rachel is heading back to pre-K on Monday. We will see whether the ADHD really was at the core of the problems she was having last year or if that really was not what was causing her failure to succeed. So many things are based on that fact. We are assuming that medicating the ADHD will solve that problem for her. We are counting on it. She will be going to a new developmental pediatrician on October 10 and we plan to go to this appointment armed with some data regarding her school performance. If we can compare where she was before and after the medication was introduced we can make a determination if we are doing the right thing and then work out some of the specifics. But we need that answer soon because her IEP Meeting is on October 11. We will be making a preliminary decision about her kindergarten placement at that time. That is MAJOR! All right -- in the grand scheme of things, it's probably not THAT big, but sitting here right here right now, that's what we've been working towards for 2.5 years.

Then there's Simon's teeth. He lost his tooth last week. I looked over during dinner and saw a space between his teeth. More than a space. A gap.


Yup.....he'll be 5 on January 12 and he has lost his first tooth. It looks like it came out cleanly with no sign of blood which means that it has been loose for some time. I saw something strange with this tooth a few days before, but since I know he grinds his teeth (much to my chagrin), I thought that he had ground his teeth so far that it actually affected the tooth's size. But how could I have NOT noticed this?!?!?! He has his first appointment with the dentist next Tuesday. That is going to be an interesting experience considering he won't even allow me to brush his teeth and he won't open his mouth for anyone. I'm creating a social story for him which will hopefully help to prepare him, and we're going to a dentist who has been trained in working with autistic children and their office has been informed of Simon's issues and sensitivities. But still, I'm TERRIFIED of what is going to happen on Tuesday.

Then we have Simon's IEP Meeting which is still to be scheduled. I have spoken to his teachers about my goals for his kindergarten placement and they are working with him to make it happen, but they warned me before the start of school that I am expecting an awful lot from him. Is it reasonable? But we're trying and I would like to think we are going to make it.

What is most frustrating is that I can fall asleep quickly enough. In fact, it rarely takes me more than 10 minutes to fall asleep once the lights are out and I've had a moment to settle into bed. You would think that these things would prevent me from FALLING asleep. But no....I get that initial sleep and then I wake up to think of all these things.....

I think I need to get more sleep....

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