Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's About Time.....

...I know....people have been yelling at me to get Rachel and Simon into beds. Well, they've been telling me to put them in separate rooms. I'm not ready to do THAT just yet. But they have definitely gotten too big for their toddler beds. When I assembled them, I took note that each of them had a 50lb weight limit. Well, Simon is now approximately 55lbs. Rachel is probably about 45lbs. And they like to climb into bed together. In case you don't like to do basic math, we're looking at a combined weight of approximately 100lbs, twice as high as the safety limit.


So, this past weekend, we finally did something about it. We went to Mattress Discounters and purchased 2 mattress/box spring/frame combinations. Shopping for these was, well, we'll call it "an experience". The 3 kids (yes, Daniel too) saw beds and more beds and even more beds. And they were all calling the exact same thing....."JUMP ON ME!!!!!" And, being the "obedient" children that they are, they were all too happy to oblige. They would run (or jump) from one bed to another. Once we made the decision of which pairings to purchase, I took Rachel out of the store and brought her back to the car. Simon joined us soon afterwards. Kevin took care of making the purchase and we expected the delivery on Tuesday. Not a very easy errand, but a successful one.

On Monday, there was no school for Rachel and Simon (teacher training). So, we took advantage and ran some necessary chores. Haircuts and some more bed purchases. Specifically, we needed to be able to dress those new beds. So, off to Walmart we went. We went to the bedding section. And I allowed Rachel and Simon to pick out their own bedding (with limited choices). Rachel chose "Fairies". Simon chose "Toy Story".

So, on Tuesday, they arrived. 2 frames/box springs/mattresses. They were assembled and I dressed the beds. I also disassembled the toddler beds. When the delivery truck left, it took the crib/toddler bed mattresses with it. The room suddenly became much fuller.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

When Rachel and Simon went upstairs for the evening, they entered their room and found a surprise. Brand new beds. Brand new themes. Much bigger than before. The books were gone. The small beds were gone. These big beds were now in their room.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It took them a bit longer to fall asleep last night -- probably just over an hour by the time they were both asleep. And, as expected, they were playing with their new beds and the new layout of the room. But, as expected, they fell asleep together. Rachel fell asleep in Simon's bed. But not before they made a huge mess of the place.

Photobucket Photobucket

But I stepped in, picked up the room, and brought Rachel back to her own bed and tucked them both in nice and sound. They slept through the night.

Photobucket Photobucket

When we woke up, Simon was in Rachel's bed and Rachel was in Simon's bed. We're not sure when they made the switch. But we do know that they were both asleep at this point. I hope they like these beds as much as it appeared last night. I'm not ready to move them into separate rooms. I think they still need each other. And I really don't think they interfere with each other's sleep. So, for now, this chapter is behind us.


  1. I love it! Christian and Patience have those exact same bedding choices :D They also STILL climb into bed together at age 6. I love it! Everyone keeps chiming in to say that they are too old to share a room but until one of them is distressed by it nothing is changing. They love being together. You are an amazing mom!

  2. I think the new beds were a big step so don't worry so much about their separation right now as getting them oriented with the new changes in their room. After a while you will know when the time is right to separate them. I think it is really sweet how they lean on each other.

  3. Ira and Nonny still share a room... Ira will be moving out sometime between now and when school starts in the fall -- we've decided that turning 10 and starting middle school in the fall means that it's no longer appropriate for him to be sharing a room with his little sister. He'll move out, and Noah will officially move in.