Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to any mother who comes by this blog post. That is my wish to all tonight. Regardless of whether you are "Mom" to one or to many; Whether you are expecting your first child; Whether you have experienced Mother's Day many times before or this is your first; Whether you have a child of your own or you care for someone else's child; Whether you are close enough to someone you consider them "like" your child.

We all have something in common. Mother's Day (to me) is not about celebrating the birthing process. It's about celebrating those who care for another in that very special way. It's to celebrate those who nurture someone; those who help shape another human being and share their love in ways that only a parent can truly understand. We all may agree with our own mothers, or disagree. But we are the people who we are because of our mothers.

So, again, I say "Happy Mother's Day" to everyone who calls themselves a mother. May you enjoy the blessings of your family and, for some of you, the relief of the stressors that they may cause. May you all have exactly what you wish for on this special day where we honor our Mothers and recognize how special all Mothers really are.

(sending an extra special "Happy Mother's Day" to my own Mom who may or may not see this note as she is currently traveling)

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