Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everywhere I go.....

...I see signs of another family affected by autism. For example, this afternoon I was walking down the hill to pick Daniel up from school (had Simon in the stroller [which is considerably too small for him]), and a woman was unloading groceries from her car. On the back of the car was a magnet -- a blue puzzle piece with the "Autism Speaks" logo. I've seen this car before and considered asking the owner if they were personally affected or just supportive. Today, I had the chance to speak with her, and sure enough, her son is on the spectrum (currently school age). Yet another reminder that autism is EVERYWHERE.

That statement seems to be especially true in this area (outside of Washington, DC). I don't know if it's because it's so densely populated around here or if this area exemplifies the demographics most affected. But I remember being told that there are new local screenings constantly. I know the incidence rate, and it's staggering. For some reason, today that's affecting me.

A bill has been introduced (last week) to the Maryland House requiring insurance to no longer exclude autism from coverage. We've been lucky -- testing was covered for our family and our visit to specialists have been covered as a "specialist visit". But we know that many cannot say the same, and that doesn't even talk about those who aren't insured at all. If you are from the State of Maryland, I urge you to contact your representative to show your support for this bill and help this pass quickly (Autism Votes). Also, please feel free to spread the word.....

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