Thursday, November 5, 2009

Changes are Everywhere... do we as parents know when a change is a good thing or a bad thing?

We've been having a bit of a problem with Rachel, on occasion (but consistent) for about a month now. It's almost like she refuses to do anything from anyone (other than me and Kevin) who isn't part of CSAAC. If it's not ABA, it's not worth her time and effort. We spent a long time getting her ready to participate in Circle Time for her to participate in the Wednesday session at school with Simon so that I can join the concurrent Parent Group. For about a month now, she REFUSES to sit and cooperate. And this has spread into the rest of the session on Wednesdays (very quickly). At first, the teachers thought that perhaps she wasn't feeling well (the start of these behaviors worked out, timing-wise, consistent with her having a cold). But the moment she was in the car (twice) and the teachers were no longer in sight, she was a VERY happy little girl.

Additionally, since MTW ended last month, she's been receiving speech therapy weekly (one hr/wk) with the SLP that we've been working with from the beginning. Every time she comes over, Rachel becomes extremely obstinate and refuses to cooperate in any way, unless it matches her agenda. This is especially true when the SLP works with her at lunchtime (which I'm grateful for the help). For the last 2 weeks, she refuses to eat much of anything, including the specific items that she asks for while the session is going on. I intentionally gave her yogurt this last Tuesday because I was giving Simon yogurt and she got very upset the one time he was getting yogurt and she wasn't. I ended up having to pull out cheese for her lunch, despite the fact that she kept DEMANDING the yogurt (and then refusing to take any of it).

With their birthday coming up in a couple of months, we have to consider how best to prepare them (in this case, her) for preschool. No matter which school she attends, she will be expected to participate in group activities and accept leadership from adults. This is something we've been working with her for a while -- and it looked like she was making a lot of progress. Now I'm not so sure. Is it that the "honeymoon period" is over? It doesn't seem so, because her ABA sessions continue to go just fine (as long as she's not too tired). Do we need to change what we're doing with her right about now in order to help prepare her? Or do we just need to stick with it and force it to be successful.

I really wish I had the answers. We're quickly running out of time.

(reading the last couple of posts, you'd never believe that my life was better right about now, would you?)

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