Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pre-K Graduation

Yesterday was the last day of school for all 3 of my kids.  For Big Brother and Ballerina, it went pretty much unnoticed -- just a normal day with an early dismissal.  But for Music Man, there was a Pre-K Graduation Ceremony.  The program he attends is called MPAC (Montgomery Primary Achievement Center) which is run by The ARC of Montgomery County (Association for Retarded Citizens).  This program has been in existence since 1957, but starting in 2010, the public school system created a program comparable to what this program offers, so this is the last graduation class of MPAC.

It was VERY nice and sweet.  There were about 12 children graduating to begin kindergarten next year.  Music Man came in with his classmates and stood against the backdrop to perform "Copy Cat" and "We'll All Go Traveling By" before being presented with their certificates.  Then they were all called up individually.

Music Man was the first person called who followed instructions -- stop on the podium and bow to the applauding audience.

After he received his certificate, he sat with me for a while and watched a slide show displaying him and his classmates this past school year.  It was very cute and the kids all had fun calling out their friends' names when their faces appeared on the screen.

We had a piece of cake before leaving and took a moment to take some pictures with his teachers.  He had an excellent year and will be seeing these teachers again next month for ESY (Extended School Year) before leaving for Elementary School next year.  But this was an amazing preschool experience for him.

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