Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time is getting close....

.....The Laurie Berkner Band concert is in 5 days. In 5 days, we'll get a reasonable idea of the Simon's growth regarding live performances over the last 10 months. We're not doing as much "prep" this time as we did in May. Don't get me wrong -- we're not going in blind. And we're not going in unprepared. But we've been much more "low-key" in what we do to prepare him for the experience.

First of all, we've been talking it up, but not constantly. Just bringing it up conversationally. Whenever we're watching an episode of Jack's Big Music Show that happens to feature them (which, I will grant you, is most of them) or watching one of the Laurie Berkner Band DVDs, we comment something like "Oh, yeah -- we'll be going to the concert soon. What songs do you think they'll play?" and they will either ignore us or mention the song that they're hearing at that moment (note, we have a "draft" set list and have a good idea of what songs we're going to hear). We also will ask them if they're excited or if they would like to meet the band. We've asked Simon if he would do his "Moon Moon Moon" dance for them when he sees them. Just stuff like that.

But now we're backing off watching these shows. We don't want them to be too saturated. Instead, I'm going to start bringing out the videos sent to me by my contact at Two Tomatoes Records, LLC, the one from last year from an early concert in this tour and the one that just came yesterday from a concert they did last month. Once again, I can't say enough positive things about that organization. They really want to make this experience a positive one for everyone and really will work with families to do whatever they can to help.

Also, since Simon won't allow us to put headphones on over his ears, someone suggested that we try just covering his ears with our hands. So, we've been making that a game. He loves it when he's making a sound and I do that to change what he hears. I'm trying to get him used to it, especially when he's upset to see if I can use that to redirect him if he becomes overstimulated by everything happening around him in the concert hall. Also, I'm going to keep him out of the auditorium until the last possible minute so he won't be "turned off" by something that isn't the band's performance. I think that was the "kiss of death" last time. And, once we lose him, getting him back is very difficult to impossible.

But I think we're getting close to ready. And I'm really excited. Rachel has a new outfit to wear, and she's going to look like such a princess. I have to pick up something nice for the boys to wear (what a horror -- Mommy shopping for cute clothes for her kids).

Keep an eye out -- I will report how it went and whether these methods of preparation are worth while, at least for our Simon.

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  1. Does Simon have a favorite blanket you could bring with? That's what we do with my son when we go somewhere that could be loud, bring "Gumby" and put it across his ears first and then my hands on top of it. He seems to really like it! He gets the added comfort of his blanket and I imagine the blanket probably adds some additional sound buffer- probably not a whole lot but with sensitive little guys even a little bit can help.

    Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!