Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of School, 2 Weeks Late

2 weeks ago, school started for us.  I became a mother to 2 first graders and a 3rd grader.

I was so excited for this.  I was so happy for them to get back into a routine.  And I needed the break.

Music Man decided the night before school started, that he didn't want to go back.  He seemed excited up until that point.  But in the end, he decided he wanted to stay home.  But we went to his closet and chose his clothes for the next morning.  That seemed to have done the trick.  All 3 kids went to bed excited for their new adventure.

Ballerina was up first in the morning.  She just couldn't wait to put on her skirt and show off her bling!

 photo null_zpsee550710.jpg

Big Brother was up soon after and he too wanted to go to school.  He was disappointed that it wasn't time to go quite yet, but he still had over an hour to wait.

Finally, Music Man woke up and was prepared to get ready for a new school year.  His twin sister really tried to drive the enthusiasm.

 photo null_zps856fd610.jpg

But finally it was time to head to the car.

 photo null_zps1f804486.jpg

Almost the entire school was gathering in the "All Purpose Room", lining up with their classes.  When the bell rang, they had a short "Monday Morning Meeting" and then were dismissed to their respective classrooms.

 photo null_zps4a216994.jpg    photo null_zpsbc7773f8.jpg    photo null_zps5b6eeca7.jpg

They got through their day.  And they had a good first day.  And, at the end, I was waiting for them and they were happy to be picked up!

 photo null_zps9e2a84c7.jpg    photo null_zps0eb557d7.jpg

And we finished off the day with a trip to The Little Gym of Germantown for Rachel's first Hip Hop class.  Immediately after class, they had a special "Welcome Back to School Party!"  What a great way to end the first day of school!!!!!

 photo null_zpsa3d17d63.jpg

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