Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Potty Training Success

Nearly 2 months ago, we took the leap and decided that it was time for Music Man to be potty trained. We knew he was ready and we knew he was capable. We just had to show him that we were more stubborn than he was and teach him exactly what he needed to do. We were only concerned about urine at that point. We would deal with the rest another time.

Well, since that nightmarish weekend, we have seen complete urine success! He has had maybe 3 accidents in the last 6 weeks, and most of them were overnight. He's been so successful that slightly over a week ago, we offered him a choice at bedtime -- underwear or diaper -- and he chose the underwear (I was TRULY surprised by that). And, like his twin sister, he has not yet wet the bed.

But we were still cleaning him up daily with every bowel movement. I had been trying to think of what to do to teach him that this also needs to go into the toilet. But, unlike the way I urine trained him, I wanted this to be something that HE initiated.

Yesterday I saw my opportunity. He had "assumed the position" while playing in the basement. I called him over and told him it was time to "Go Potty!". Well, he ran into the bathroom and I followed (normally I allow him to do this on his own). I pulled down his pants and told him to sit down. He REALLY didn't want to. "NO SIT DOWN!!!!" he cried out. But I told him it was OK and gently pressured his shoulders so he was sitting. Then I told him to push (and put some pressure on his stomach to move things along a bit). An amazing thing happened. He started to push! And a few seconds later, we both heard a distinct "PLOP" as he had successfully pooped in the toilet!!!!!

He got rewarded. After cleaning up I told him that it was his turn on the computer and let him play there for quite some time. I kept going over to him and giving him a "High Five!" and just in general praising him. When Dad came home (about 45 minutes later), I shared the story with him, and he praised Music Man as well!

So, now we just need to keep it up. I'm hoping that, now he's experienced what it's supposed to be like, he'll put it all together (with some encouragement). We may finally be done with Music Man's Potty Training!!!!!!

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