Monday, March 21, 2011

Fast and Slow

There is a Laurie Berkner Band song called "Fast and Slow". This was released on their album Rocketship Run, but we weren't introduced to the song until it appeared (with video and animation) in the 2009 Noggin (now NickJr) special "Let's Hear it for the Laurie Berkner Band". Since then it's become a favorite.

This is a DVD that we bought for Hanukkah for Simon (officially -- there were 3 DVDs and they were each opened by a child, but all of them were for all 3 kids). When we first got it, the kids would watch it regularly. But lately, we've only been pulling it out when Dad and Daniel aren't home (basketball or baseball practice). So, no surprise last Tuesday when I put it in the DVD player and we started watching it during "run-around time".

In general, it was normal Laurie run-around time. They would come and go, sometimes watching it and sometimes not (not consistent for songs [except "Victor Vito" -- they ALWAYS watch that one]) and I was glimpsing moments of enjoyment in both the video and their activities and antics. The last song on the DVD is "Fast and Slow", and it's done as an "ENCORE" which they entice the children listening to call for. At this point on this particular Tuesday night, they were tired and just sat down and started playing quietly. So for the first time, I really got to listen to the song and the lyrics. Now, I already know the song by heart and am very familiar with the lyrics, but something was different that night. I really HEARD them. I think for the first time.

"You don't want to go slow, you go fast.
And you may find your missing the world you go past.
Crickets singing their sound.
Golden leaves on the ground.
You may find something new that you wouldn't have found if you never went slow only fast.

So won't you slow down and wait for me.
Take it slow, take it slow, take it slow.
Come on slow down.
We can share all the new things we see
When we're slow,
Here we go,
Together we're slow."

I'm an "Autism Mom". My children need me to go slow so they can process the world around them. My instinct is still to be the rabbit and rush through things. But every time I slow down and explore the world through my children's eyes, I learn something special. I see something new, just like noticing the words in this song (which I knew but never really considered). I know it wasn't written about an "Autism Mom", but it speaks directly to me. Moments need to be embraced and cherished. Catch every detail. Moments disappear, and then they can't come back. I'm honored to be a part of their world and experience this through them.


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  2. I thought this was kind of cool -- I put this post on the wall of the Laurie Berkner Band Facebook page and this was the response. So I copied it and posted it here....

    "Hi Ilene, I was really moved by your post. I feel the same way about experiencing the world with my own daughter and about myself (how important is is for me to slow down). That's what inspired me to start writing the song, even before Lucy was born. Thanks for sharing here. -L"