Monday, April 5, 2010

Dog Adoption

Well, we've now officially done it -- yesterday, we signed the paperwork to adopt an adorable and beautiful black lab, currently named Minnie (actual name still under discussion, but we're narrowing it down). Daniel is TOTALLY in love with her (as am I). Kevin is happy that this process is over, but I really can't read his emotions about the dog. Rachel and Simon aren't really sure what to make of it all.

I've been watching this dog for a while on After being approved for adoption late last week, we first met her (face to face) on Saturday in the park. I had already fallen in love with her picture, but that picture didn't do her justice. She's just a beautiful dog. Daniel also was fascinated by her. Kevin was pleased about how gentle she is. Simon avoided her and Rachel was just very curious.

I'm not sure if Rachel was just curious about what held my attention, or if she was actually interested in the dog. She just kept coming up the hill to take a look at her and "Minnie" was very gentle around her. She approached Rachel very slowly, almost understanding that Rachel wasn't sure what to make of this new creature that she recognized as "Dog (woof woof)", but I don't think Rachel could quite wrap her mind around what that really meant. But she did eventually let Minnie nuzzle her a little bit.

Simon was a bigger concern. He just simply ignored her. Kevin would try to coax him over. Eventually, at snack time, Simon's desire to have some goldfish outweighed his apprehension and he came over to where Minnie was (on his own). He even patted her on her back. Minnie, again recognizing that Simon was apprehensive, just sat there patiently and let him approach her in his own way and time.

When this meeting was over, I KNEW that "Minnie" was the dog for us.

Yesterday, I once again met with the woman fostering her, and signed the paperwork. I brought Daniel with me so he could spend some more time with his new dog. He was THRILLED and it was nice to see him learning to interact with her while she was still near someone she knew and trusted. Right now, I anticipate we'll be bringing her home on Sunday, April 11 (Daniel's 5th birthday). He's already been warned that this is not a "typical" birthday present. We'll see if remembers that come his NEXT birthday.

So, this next week will be a little crazier than usual. Spring Break is ongoing until Wednesday (although Simon will go back on Tuesday) and my parents will be arriving on Thursday for a weekend visit. This house has to be cleaned from top to bottom before their arrival. We also have NOTHING in this house that is required to take care of a dog (crate, leash, bowls, food, toys, etc.), so that has be remedied this week. Also, Daniel begins baseball on Thursday (practice Thursday and Friday, 1st game [with all festivities] on Saturday), Daniel's birthday party is Saturday afternoon, his ACTUAL birthday is on Sunday and now we're bringing a dog home on (probably) Sunday afternoon. BREATHE MOMMY!!!!!!! (note: all these things [except cleaning] are good things.)

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