Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time For Drastic Measures

I wrote last week that we were starting to see success with Music Man's potty training.  After an accident at school, we got more serious and started to withhold a reward.  We almost immediately had a success.  But, after once, he realized that there are other things that he gets that are similar that don't require him to use to potty to deposit his BMs.  So, we seem to be back at almost Square One (he'll sit on the toilet and "try", but he won't allow anything to come out).

I know what we need to take away.  I know what would be the BEST motivator for him.  Unfortunately, I don't have the nerve to follow through.  Keeping this from him would be far more of a punishment to me and to Dad than it will likely be to him because WE will remember this for years to come.  For Music Man, despite his long memory, I don't think it'll make that big of a long-term impression.

I'm speaking of course, of his phone.  He spends as much time as he is allowed playing on his inherited iPhone (or iPod if the phone is unavailable).  He calls the phone "Bubble Phone" the iPod has been named "Toca Boca Phone" for reasons of making the distinction.

But I think I came up with a compromise that won't tax my sanity to the point of unendurability and will still bring home the point.  And, if we don't see success, I can take it a step further to really bring home the point.  I think the time has come to take away "Bubble Phone".  If Music Man poops in the potty, he gets it back for the rest of the day.  If he poops in his pants again (while he still has it), it gets taken away again.  He can have "Toca Boca Phone", so there is still something for him to do (which is my compromise).  But, if he poops in the potty, he gets his beloved phone back.  And, if this is unsuccessful, than "Toca Boca Phone" will also be withheld.

Cookies aren't cutting it.  At school, they're seeing success with a Leapfrog product.  I think we need to do this with our own electronic device.

I know he's ready for this.  I'm 100% certain of it.  I just need to make sure that he understands that we've reached the end of our patience and tolerance.  So, tonight, Dad and I will discuss this course of action.  If he agrees, it will come into effect when he arrives home from school tomorrow.

Am I nuts?!?!?!?!?

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  1. it didn't work for Reena, but I'm a thousand percent certain that Simon is a million times more ready than Reena. She can go DAYS without tv, computer, ipad, any electronic goodness and pretend she doesn't care. I took away her very favorite stuffed animal MANY months ago and told her she'd get it back when she poops on the potty. Needless to say the beloved bear is still in my drawer. GOOD luck and keep us posted!