Friday, October 26, 2012

The Never Ending Career Search

I know there's a lot about the kids that I need to post about, but for right now, I want to write a "ME" post.....

You see, for the last couple of days, whenever I have some time alone (usually in the car), I have decided what I want to do with my self-proclaimed title of "Parent Advocate".  I believe I've known this for a while....I just needed to tailor it down to what I believe are my strengths.

I want to work with parents.  Specifically, parents who are going through the process of a child being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or parents with children recently diagnosed with an ASD.  I love the kids.....don't get me wrong......but I don't know how much I personally can do to help them compared with the great teachers and specialists that are out there.  But I can offer something to the parents.  I can listen, and I can understand.  I can explain it, and not as a doctor trying to explain these things to a parent feeling lost, but as a parent who has been through this all.  I am very good at researching information and I can find details for people to help them understand what their lives are about to become and help them figure out ways that they can help their children.

I kind of do this now.  I run the Facebook page We Care About Someone With Autism and I regularly get questions like this.  Sometime they stay on the public forum, other times, we exchange emails or Private Messages and I think I have really helped quite a few people.

About a year ago, I thought of starting up a support group for local parents that would meet during the school day.  But I thought about it and realized that I have no clue not only how to start up such a thing but that I really don't know if people would want to come to something like that.  I think that it would benefit many, but it's hard to sit around a table and discuss things like this with strangers.  And it's even harder when the person sitting at the head of the table has no appropriate credentials to her name other than a parent.  And I would hate to ask people to pay for such a service, even though I would have to in order to pay for premises and make a little money on the side, which to be honest, wouldn't hurt my family.  So, this isn't really the right direction for me to look.

I have now laid out (in my head) a perfect job for me.  I even think I know the organization that would want to hire me.

Now I just need to figure out how to make myself qualified for such a position.


  1. HI,
    I have a son that is 18yrs with Autism and reading your post how you want to help other parents when their child is diagnosed with ASD I had the same goal when my son was diagnosed at 4. But for some reason my plan to do that went side tracked. I was doing a Diploma in community services so that I could do a Degree in Social Work and during the time of my studies I was offered a Job as assistant nurse in a nursing home and loved it. My goal then was to be a Registered Nurse. Now that I reached my goal and graduated in 2009, I find myself not working because I am now a single mum raising my son. He is a full-time job looking after him and cannot afford to hire help so I can work so I have decided to stay home.. People under estimate my job in looking after my son and make me feel I am doing nothing and I should stop complaining and get a life. I also have a blog and write about my son now then, I also believe blogging is a way of escape for me and I can focus on other things. I also think blogging is helps with healing...

    I feel that I may of gone down the wrong path of career as I feel God was calling me to help in that area of helping parents cope... I have been looking at doing a course to work in this field not social work as that is too heavy in what I am looking at doing something to carry on like in the welfare industry and social justice...

    Your dream to help parents is real, one reason why I was looking at this when my son was diagnosed was it would be so good for professionals to know what I am experiencing than only knowing the Theory. So I will like to encourage you to pursue this dream and do not get side-track because it is easy to do so..


    1. Darleen, thank you so much! I think I really needed to read too are doing so much. You never know what may happen down the road, as much as you may plan for things. I hope I can find what I need to make this happen.

  2. Very interesting article! Have thought about starting a nonprofit organization for parents who children with autism. There are valuable resources on the internet for you to utilize and training you can get as well. With i in 88 children on the spectrum, you would help many families.