Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Think I'm Back!

I know.....I've been blogging inconsistently for the last couple of months.  But I think I know why.

We've been dealing with computer issues.  Specifically, our main computer (the one I use most consistently) suffered a motherboard issue.  It literally fried because it was sitting in direct sunlight.  Being Apple fans, we planned to replace it with a new iMac (it was an iMac that died).  We started hearing rumors that there was to be a new model coming out so we held off making the purchase.  We waited.  And we waited.  And in the meantime, we were using our old laptop (which really is a portable desktop rather than a laptop because it weighs about double the iMac).

Sometimes I would go downstairs and use the kids' computer.  But that meant taking a turn when they were home, and my children aren't particularly good about giving Mom or Dad a turn on THEIR computer.  Sometimes we put up with it.  But most of the time, we would use it when they weren't around.  But that is a little harder because we are always on the lookout for something or other and we can't spend that much time in the basement as we can in the family room playing on the computer.

So, finally, about a week ago, we realized that we have been waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And we weren't hearing any dates about the release of the new iMacs.  We couldn't take it anymore.  Dad went online and placed the order for the new iMac.  It arrived yesterday.  So, last night, he quickly plugged it in and did all the things you do when you get a new computer (set up accounts, check for updates, etc).  I was able to get on briefly, just to make sure my account was active, and then we went to sleep.

Today, however, Dad is at work.  Kids are at school.  And the computer is here.  And it wants to be turned on.  And it wants me to write.  And it wants me to get back into the habit of posting regularly both here and any other site that I like to post.  So, I think it's a wise idea to listen to the computer's call.  Especially since yesterday, my new Keurig arrived.  Now I can sit here with a mug of coffee by my side.  I can ramble on and on just like I'm doing right now.  I can do it well-caffeinated and I can do it in my own style.

So, this post isn't about the kids.  It's a ramble about me and my caffeine addiction and my somewhat psychotic tendencies about abiding by the computer's subliminal call.  But this is me.  And I like me that way!!!!!  :)

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