Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interesting Observation

Daniel joined us at my in-laws' house yesterday. When we arrived at my in-laws' house on Sunday, Rachel was very animated. She was talkative. She couldn't get enough of her new environment. Today, something suddenly changed. She was very happy to see Daniel and from the moment he arrived yesterday afternoon through breakfast this morning she kept saying "Hi Daniel" or "Thank You Daniel". But then she seemed to become much quieter. She didn't seek out attention quite as much. She wanted less to do with any of us. She even had several potty-related accidents in a very short time window (she hasn't had even one of these in nearly 3 weeks).

Was this change related to Daniel's arrival and having to share the attention with him as well as her twin (who she can definitely dominate with minimal effort)? Or is she under the weather in some way (her cousins stayed home with a very bad cold today)? Or is this something different? I don't know if I'll ever fully know.

Rachel really does love to play with Daniel. But she also shies away from him sometimes (Daniel can be a bit intense). She did seem to have fun today -- the 3 kids played together in an inflatable pool and they all had blast. Rachel kept jumping in and out of the pool, as Daniel splashed her but she always reapproached the pool happily with minimal to no prompting. She also was laughing at some of these splashes at times.

I've never really noticed this behavior from her before, and it's something I'm going to start watching for from now on. We've always theorized that the reason the twins don't talk much is because they don't get the chance, and when this journey began, that was always an excuse that we fell back on -- Daniel tends to take over any situation whenever he sees the opportunity.

We'll see if this continues.....

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