Monday, July 12, 2010

"Me Time"

I think one of the things I have been looking forward to the most with all 3 of the kids in camps/schools is having "Me Time" again. I had gone so long without it (other than the 20-30 minutes or so after Kevin came home from work, and that was usually just enough time for me to deal with laundry or [shocking intake of breath to be inserted here] take a shower). But once I had found it, losing it again, even for such a short time, was so difficult.

Each time a child began his/her summer program (and for Daniel, it's been true each time), I felt like doing the "Dance for Joy". When Daniel started his first camp (shortly after Rachel and Simon finished school), I was elated. When Rachel got on her bus on 6/28, I was relieved. Then, on July 6, when Simon got on his bus, I was overjoyed. But that was NOTHING compared to the feeling of dropping Daniel off at the start of his next camp (and full-day at that) just 30 minutes later. I was so excited I was smiling from ear to ear and just ready to dance a jig (and for those of you who know me, you know I DON'T JIG). I came home, took the dog for a walk, and then met my friend for coffee. She was unavoidably detained, but that didn't matter. I just sat in Starbucks with my iPhone -- made a leisurely phone call or 2, played a game -- and didn't have Rachel trying to push the buttons or Simon shouting "Say Hello" or Daniel just doing anything he could to interrupt me. The whole thing was PURE BLISS. We are now into the second week of having from 9 until 3:30 of "Me Time" -- and even though there are many things that must be done (namely getting this house cleaned up), I don't have to answer to anyone but myself. And I can take my time doing it.

Why is "Me Time" so elusive to all parents (not just to parents with kids with any sort of disability)? We all spend time with our children, and love to do so. And, I had been perfectly happy without it -- I didn't even miss it. That is, until it was rediscovered when everyone was in school. Now I spend much of my time with my kids looking forward to that relaxing cup of coffee with a friend, or spending time on the computer, or even reading a book (not a typical favorite activity of mine -- need to work on that).

I find myself thinking ahead to mid-August, after we return from visiting family. By then, ESY will be done. Camps will be done. School won't be starting again (for all 3) until August 30. That will mean just shy of 3 weeks where the kids will all be home with me. One of those days, Kevin will also be home as we are planning to take everyone to the county fair (that's the plan NOW, I should say). MOMS Club Activities will hopefully be plentiful so we aren't stuck at home that whole time and I'll at least be with other people who I know and enjoy the company. But as anxious as I was for July 6 will be true again for August 30.

And just because of that newly discovered "Me Time".

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  1. I can't think of anyone who deserves me time more! ENJOY IT!